Global Expatriate Services

Comfort, efficiency and flexibility

Globexs is a service company for expats, digital nomads, and companies that send employees abroad. We are dedicated to making global mobility more efficient, more effective, and above all more comfortable.

Furnished apartments

Rentals for expats

Temporary apartments and houses for travelling professionals, digital nomads, business travellers and expats.

Relocation services

Relocation services

Personal assistance, translations, language courses, school hunting, insurances, opening bank accounts,…

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We help you settle. Globexs provides you of everything your business needs to be successful abroad.

Legal assistance

Legal immigration service

We cover your back abroad. Globexs provides you with all information and documents that you need. We are lawyers.

Comfort, efficiency and flexibility

“The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.” – Sir Richard Burton


Basic needs

We embrace global mobility. We help expats with their basic needs:

Our customers

Globexs clients are travellers and explorers, hungry to explore the world, to expand, to broaden their horizon, to think outside the box:


Globexs helps you manage your physical expansion into new markets. We provide you with the necessary networking infrastructure and tools to successfully expand your business abroad.