Spanish Immigration paperwork

Legal assistance for expats in Spain

Spanish Immigration paperwork

Legal assistance for expats in Spain


Immigration lawyer

Globexs (GLOBAL EXPATRIATE SERVICES SL), with headoffice in Valencia, and partners worldwide. Tiscar Navarro, together with her team of lawyers, is specialized in immigration laws and immigration formalities. We offer a worldwide service.

English speaking lawyer in Spain

If you are planning to move to Spain but struggling with the paperwork contact us! We can help expats (Europeans and non-Europeans) with the administration and formalities regarding moving to Spain.


Legal assistance for expats

1. VISAS: All kind of Visa applications

2. WORK PERMITS: Application for work permits at the Spanish embassy in the country or origin

3. RESIDENCE PERMITS: Residence permits for non-Europeans

4. NIE: Application of the NIE number

5. EMPADRONAMIENTO: Subscription in the town hall in Valencia

6. RENTALS: Help with rental contracts and applications

7. PROPERTY INVESTMENTS: Assistance with property-related paperwork

8. DRIVING LICENCES: Change your foreign licence for a spanish one

9. BREXIT: Brexit-related legal assistance

10. SPANISH PASSPORT: If you want to change your nationality and become Spanish

How much does it cost?

For immigration related matters the rate is 60€/hour



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