Legal assistance for expats in Spain

Services for foreigners moving to Spain

Globexs (GLOBAL EXPATRIATE SERVICES SL), is a relocation company with headoffice in Valencia. We help companies and people relocate to Spain. Besides a large portfolio of temporary furnished rental apartments we offer legal immigration assistance. Tiscar Navarro, together with her team of lawyers, is specialized in immigration laws and immigration formalities. 

Globexs helps expats (Europeans and non-Europeans) with the administration and formalities regarding moving to Spain.

Legal assistance for expats

  • VISAS: All kind of Visa applications
  • WORK PERMITS: Application for work permits at the Spanish embassy in the country or origin
  • RESIDENCE PERMITS: Residence permits for non-Europeans
  • NIE: Application of the NIE number
  • EMPADRONAMIENTO: Subscription in the town hall
  • RENTALS: Help with rental contracts and applications
  • PROPERTY INVESTMENTS: Assistance with property-related paperwork
  • DRIVING LICENCES: Change your foreign licence for a spanish one
  • BREXIT: Brexit-related legal assistance
  • SPANISH PASSPORT: If you want to change your nationality and become Spanish
  • GOLDEN VISA: If you want to invest 500.000€ in Spanish property
  • BANK ACCOUNTS: We help you open a bank account

Legal services for companies

  • constitution of companies
  • opening bank accounts
  • insurances
  • tax applications
  • human resources
  • telephone services

Legal services for investors in Spain

The following services are provided by our sister company Blue Key Investments:

  • mortgages
  • due diligence
  • purchases and investments
  • notary assistance
  • golden visa

Legal & fiscal services for foreign apartment owners

The following services are provided by our sister company Nestor:

  • taxes
  • community meetings
  • problems with the neighbours

Schedule a meeting

Do you want to relocate to Spain and need assistance? Send us an email or schedule a meeting online.

A short meeting with a Globexs commercial representative in which we explain what services we can offer you. No concrete answers and solutions will be provided.

  • For: People thinking about moving to Spain and looking for general information.
  • Duration: 10 min
  • Tariff: free

Consultation with a Globexs immigration lawyer in which you can expect concrete answers and solutions regarding moving to Spain.

  • For: People seeking legal advice regarding moving to Spain.
  • Duration: 45 min
  • Tariff: 150€ + VAT

Follow up consultation with a Globexs lawyer regarding legal immigration issues.

  • For: People who had a previous meeting with a Globexs lawyer regarding moving to Spain.
  • Duration: 45 min
  • Tariff: 85€ + VAT

Globexs expats

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