Where to go as an expat in Basque Country

Basque is objectively one of the most unique regions of entire Spain. Filled with a dense cultural identity, living in Basque as an expat is an experience like none other. That is why have listed some of the best places in Basque Country for expats. 

This region is a distinct piece of land surrounded by vast plains and mighty mountains alike. The magnificent Atlantic coast puts a cherry on top of the already beautiful region. However, it doesn’t stop there…

Basque is the home to one of the oldest cultures (known as “Basques”) in entire Europe. Plus, it houses a cultural language that’s not like any other language on the planet. However, these ancient artifacts don’t stop Basque from being a modern country filled with opportunities. 

Today, this region is known for the highest per-capita in Spain. For its visitors, including expats, Basque presents a lifestyle that outshines every other region in Spain. Needless to say, Basque has the best quality of life that a city could ever offer. 

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Best places to visit as an expat

As an expatriate, you’re always on the lookout for places rich in culture where you can hone your artistic skills and widen your imagination. Here are some of the must-visit places in the Basque country that you shouldn’t miss at any cost. 

Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao)

Want to capture some astonishing 20th-century architecture? Guggenheim Museum is the place to go. There are numerous places on the map of Basque where expatriates can feast their eyes and imagination; however, Guggenheim is a special one. 

It was designed by a Candian American architect, known as Frank Gehry, and was inaugurated by King Juan Carlos, on 18th October 1997. 

It’s widespread at 24000 meters square, out of which, 9000 are purely set aside for the exhibition of the culture. 

Playa de la Concha (Donostia-San Sebastián)

Located in the heart of the correlating city, The Concha beach is a sight of a lifetime. It’s considered a hallmark of San Sebastian city — and for good reasons. There are numerous sights to capture in this area; however, the shell-shaped bay is a must-see. 

Moreover, the island of Santa Clara, located in the middle of the bay, is another sight you shouldn’t miss. It’s being flanked from both sides by the Igeldo and the Urgull mountains, making it a place that looks out of this world. 

Medieval quarter (Vitoria-Gasteiz)

There’s nothing better than a millenary city with a medieval design intact even today — and that’s exactly what Victoria-Gasteriz is. Its streets are considered to be as old as from back in the 12th century. 

You might have noticed a similar trend in ancient architectures and designs: they’re often shaped like something from this world — and the Medival quarter is no exception as it’s shaped like an almond. The best thing is: it still retains its shape even after 8 centuries!

Key takeaways

Basque Country is a place for tourists and professionals of different tastes. With its intense density in ancient culture and architecture, it’s bound to give some special memories to everyone who sets eyes on its beautiful offerings. 


As an expatriate, you seek diversity in your foreign stay, while making sure the region broadens your view of the world. And trust me, Basque country wouldn’t disappoint in this regard. 


Whether you’re staying here for a short period or an extensive one, you can’t go wrong with paying a visit to the above-mentioned places. Alongside providing you with beautiful sights to feast your eyes, they allow you to expand your vision. 

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Best places in Basque Country for Expats

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