Remote workers on Gran Canaria

Changing the office or kitchen chair for a hammock on an island sounds very tempting. Well, it is not impossible, since many companies keep working remotely. This is also known as Workation. As we explained in our global mobility dictionary, a Workation is the possibility of travelling and enjoying a holiday destination at the same time, through remote working.

This gives employees the possibility to extend their holiday period as they move the office to a summer resort. This new trend is taking over the world as well as Gran Canaria. In Spain, the Canary Islands are very popular and they have positioned themselves best when it comes to this niche.

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Work from anywhere

Gran Canaria is one of the favourite destinations for travellers and tourists from all over the world but also for digital nomads. During the pandemic Gran Canaria has set up “digital nomad hotels”. They keep pushing this trend as they now provide Workations.

There is a huge difference between working between the same four walls everyday or working in a city or holiday destination of your own choice. Lots of hotels have adapted to this new trend and have set up some amazing coworking spaces to offer to digital nomads. 

Live like a local

This is the best part of a Workation: you get to work in a relaxing environment, where you can get some work done but also enjoy all other facilities of the hotel services, such as the swimming pool, spa,… On top of this, is this a great way to change your everyday scenery and work by the sea for a while. Instead of visiting tourist sites after work, you can actually “live like a local”, exploring beaches and undiscovered areas.

Everyday is beach day

Gran Canaria has many natural attractions which play a big role in the decision for people to plan a Workation here. When you aren’t busy working you can take full advantage of the outdoor activities that this island has to offer.

Gran Canaria has a great diving scene, excellent surf spots, windsurf, kitesurf, and long white beaches (more than 60km), all within Europe! Besides the beach, you also find some beautiful mountains. This is perfect for mountain lovers and hikers as you have countless trails and paths to explore.

The weather comes in handy with this. The Canary Islands all have a mild climate all year round. Everyday is basically a beach day. 

If you love the beach as much as we do, you should check out a rental near the beach for your workation. 

Never hangry

If you get hungry while exploring or if you are looking for a place for a good night out, don’t worry! Wherever you go, you will never be too far from a good bar or restaurant. In Gran Canaria you have upmarket eateries, rooftop cocktail bars, bistro bars, local tapas restaurants,… There is truly something for everyone. 

The cost of living isn’t too expensive either. The island is pretty cheap. And last but not least: It has great connections to all major hubs and airports across Europe. Do we need to say more or is it clear that this is the perfect workation-destination?

If you need help with planning your workation, don’t hesitate to contact Globexs. Big changes equal big risks, but you don't have to do it alone. Globexs is here to guide you!

Apartment rental Gran Canaria

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Workation on Gran Canaria

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