Why remote workers choose Gran Canaria

More and more digital nomads and remote workers flock to the Canary Islands. They look for good weather, a relaxed way of life, friendly locals and abundance of nature. They can check off everything from this list when it comes to Gran Canaria. On top of this, it is a very safe island with high-speed WIFI and an affordable cost of living. 

Thanks to all the digital nomads, there are lots of coworking places to be found. Gran Canaria is the third largest Canary Island and is pretty easy to reach as it has its own airport. Gran Canaria may be one of the best places to base yourself if you are a digital nomad.

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Most remote workers can be found in Las Palmas, the capital of the island. Here, you will also find most coworking spaces and cafes. This is why it is the digital nomad hotspot of the island. This place is a good mix between locals and foreigners. Almost 400.000 people live here. 

It is understandable that most remote workers on Gran Canaria base themselves in Las Palmas. There are many beaches to be found as it is located on the northwest coast. It also has a less touristic feeling to it as it is set up well for those looking to base themselves there for a while. 

Gran Canaria isn’t only a good place for remote working but there are also endless possibilities for things to do at the end of your workday. You can do all water sports from scuba diving to surfing. But you can also go hiking or cycling. Or if you like it a bit less adventurous you can just visit different beaches, there are plenty. If you are looking to start your digital nomad adventure here, make sure to check out some flexible properties for remote workers. 

One thing that every digital nomad and remote worker will struggle with once, is that it might get lonely sometimes. Meeting other remote workers and digital nomads in Las Palmas isn’t that difficult, luckily.

How to meet other remote workers on Gran Canaria

Join Facebook Groups

There are lots of Facebook Groups for digital nomads on Gran Canaria, such as Canary Islands digital nomads & remote workers. Here you can ask advice, share experiences, post events,… This is an easy way to connect with others and socialise.

Go to coworkings

Did someone say getting work done while connecting with like minded people? Sign me up! Coworking spaces are a great place to get to know more people, who are also remote working. Often, these coworking spaces organise career-related and social events, go to one of these and build up your social network.

Find local websites

Most city councils and local organisations will have their own websites where they promote local events and activities. Look for these websites and keep an eye out. Most of the time you will find local festivals, music events, art festivals, food festivals,… This will give you a good excuse as well to go on a side trip somewhere else! Check the program on a regular basis and go!

Attend laguage exchange events

There will be some language exchange events for sure. This is a great opportunity to practise a new language and meet new people. Good thing about these events is that you will get to know local people as well as other remote workers and digital nomads who are trying to build up a social life.

It won’t be too difficult to get to know people on Gran Canaria or Canary Islands in general. Follow these steps but most of all, just go with the flow and ask people! Who doesn’t ask or speaks up, will never know!

Where to live as a remote worker on Gran Canaria

You can choose between the North or the South of the island. In the South you will need to rent a car to get around. Therefore, more remote workers choose to be based in the North part of the island, Las Palmas to be specific. 

In general, the north is more authentic. You will find better food here, more local people, lots of coworking spaces, fast internet,… It is also cheaper here and it has a great surfing community. Who doesn’t like to catch some waves after work?

However, the weather in the north is less sunny and a bit colder. Although on the Canary Islands the climate in general is mild. As mentioned before you will find more local people here as well, which means less people who speak English. This is perfect to practice your Spanish a bit, muy bien!

Las Palmas

If you are looking for local traditions and culture, this is your place to be. It is the capital city of Gran Canaria and has lots of history. The historical city centre is called La Vegueta. Here you will find old streets and buildings dated from the Colonial era. 

There is also the Cathedral of St Anne, which is worth a visit! You can also spend several hours in the Canary Museum which will help you understand the culture of the Canaries. 

If you are looking for an accommodation in Las Palmas we have several properties available. However, one of our favourites is: Grand Suite, which is a standard apartment with amazing sea views. 

However, if you are looking for something more exclusive, this penthouse might be the perfect fit: Nico penthouse. This also comes with incredible sunset views.


This might be the most family centered neighbourhood of Gran Canaria. The beautiful sand dunes are the biggest draw to this part of the island. They look like the Sahara Desert and are a protected area. Children can spend hours here, climbing up the dunes. 

Furthermore, Maspalomas is home to some theme parks. You have Holiday World, which is an amusement park or Aqualand which is for waterlovers

Puerto Rico

Before it became a family destination, Puerto Rico was a small fishing port. It is located at the south coast and centers a beautiful promenade, nowadays. Puerto Rico has amazing beaches with soft sand and calm water, which is great for children! Furthermore, you will find a lot of water sports possibilities here.

Puerto de Mogán

Also known as Gran Canaria’s little Venice. This is a town with lots of canals, which link the harbor to the Marina. It is still a working fisher’s village with narrow streets and lots of character. Every Friday there is a market that offers traditional souvenirs from the Canary Islands. 

For mountain lovers, this is a great place to stay as many of the trails start near this village. 

Close to Puerto de Mogán, we have this amazing property available: Vegueta. It is a loft for remote workers. 

Canarians are very welcoming and open-minded. Family above all but they also value their friendships highly. Nobody takes life too seriously. Life is relaxed here and relatively stress-free. This is what most expats are looking for: an easy-going place to live.

Apartment rental Gran Canaria

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Workation on Gran Canaria

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