Guided Remote Working programs for companies

Talent recruitment and training through a package of "Guided Remote Working"

We help companies recruit and train top talent through inspiring remote working packages focused on professional development and employee loyalty.

Top talents no longer only want money...

Top talents are no longer only seeking money. They want flexibility, a good life/work balance, and excitement. In other words: the possibility to work remotely, and if possible, combine work with travel. The “digital nomad” generation is putting HR departments under pressure. Today’s top talents expect an attractive “remote working”-package.

Offer your employees the option to travel and work at the same time

The Globexs employee mobility programs prepare your company for the future. By offering your employees the possibility to travel and work at the same time you open the door to a world of opportunities: Your company becomes more attractive to new talents, employee loyalty, and productivity increases, and training and team building activities are more efficient.

Offering your employees the option to travel and work at the same time keeps them productive, engaged, and inspired.

The concept of "Guided Remote Working"

The concept of Guided Remote Working offers the participants the experience of the digital nomad lifestyle, within the frame set by the employer, and controlled by Globexs.

The goal is to immerse the employee in your company culture and to increase the productivity and the company loyalty of the participants. 

All our programs are customized to the needs of your company.

Spain is the most popular destination for a digital nomad experience, but we offer a total of 24 destinations in 13 countries. The duration of our programs is between 1-and 6 months.


Win-win for both employer and employees

Benefits for the employer

Benefits for the employee


Guided Remote Working Programs include:



Accommodation in all configurations: Studios, apartments, shared apartments, coliving spaces, and even hotel rooms.

Palma De Mallorca

24 top destinations

Globexs operates in 24 cities in 13 countries in Europe. Any of these cities can be included in your Guided Remote Working Program. 


Personal assistance & guidance

A dedicated Globexs program leader assists the participants and the company through the Guided Remote Working Program.

working places

Business facilities & work spaces

Coworking spaces, meeting rooms, fast wifi, business facilities in all our destinations to guarantee the productivity of the participants.


Workshops & training programs

Customized professional workshops, training programs, guest speakers, and networking events in each destination. 


Team building

Team building through customized, local experiences, cultural events and social activities.


Guided Remote Working programs running now:

Fuerteventura program

A month in surfer's paradise

Surfer’s paradise Fuerteventura is one of Europe’s digital nomad hotspots. Thousands of remote workers flock to the island every year to seek the perfect balance between productivity and leisure. The infrastructure for remote working in Fuerteventura is excellent: Fast wifi, co-living spaces, coworking, and… surf schools.

Productivity from 8 to 5 and then a short walk to the beach to ride the waves with your colleagues. Not a bad team-building concept right?


Valencia program

Urban remote working experience

Valencia needs a little introduction. The 3rd city in Spain has a large expat community and is widely considered one of the best destinations for teleworkers in Spain.

In addition to excellent business infrastructure, the Valencian culture emphasizes a strong community sense which impacts positively on the employee´s productivity.

Spain nomad program

The Spanish digital nomad experience

Spain is the most popular country in Europe among digital nomads and remote workers. Your employees travel to 3 different destinations in Spain. At each destination, they stay for 1 month.

Valencia is always on the menu. For the 2 other destinations the company has the choice between Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Bilbao, Palma De Mallorca, Fuerteventura or Las Palmas de Gran Canarias.

expats in Spain

Europe nomad program

The ultimate digital nomad lifestyle

Globexs operates in the 12 best digital nomad hotspots in Europe. We prepare a customized itinerary for your employees with 3 destinations. The choice is between Krakow, Tallinn, Budapest, Bucharest, Malta, Lisbon, Madeira, Berlin, and our 8 destinations in Spain. Valencia is always on the menu.

Our Europe nomad program offers the ultimate digital nomad experience and creates a strong sense of community that helps your company facilitate authentic and meaningful connections all over Europe.

Company retreats

Team building and professional development

Globexs is specialized in community-based travel experiences, bringing expats and companies to the most inspiring destinations to live, work, learn, and grow together. Our company retreats are focused on team building, employee loyalty, and professional development, in an international and inspiring environment.

Our company retreats are customized experiences for companies in either Fuerteventura or Valencia.



Do you want to Know more about our programs?

Would you like to learn more about the concept of Guided Remote Working and the programs that we offer?

Contact Lodewijk Cuypers, founder of Globexs, at, or contact us, and one of our operations will send you in the right direction.