Destination in the spotlight: Berlin

Why remote workers choose Berlin

When it comes to popular digital nomad cities in the centre of Europe, Berlin can’t be missed. There are many reasons why remote workers, digital nomads and expats love the German capital. We will discuss some of them in this article. You will also find the best neighbourhoods to live as a remote worker in Berlin and tips on how to meet others here. So, if you are interested in Berlin as your next adventure, keep on reading and you will understand why remote workers choose Berlin.

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Public transport

Public transport in Berlin is pretty advanced. You have lots of metros, busses, trains,… they have good infrastructure and take you fast to the other side of the city. These services usually depart every 5 to 10 minutes, so you won’t have to wait too long. Of course, you can do everything by foot in Berlin as well but if you are in a hurry the public transport comes in handy. 

Working spaces

Something that is very important for remote workers and digital nomads are the possibilities of working spaces. In Berlin you will find plenty of them. However, if you don’t feel like working from a coworking space you will have lots of other options. You can find a nice café with good internet connection on pretty much every corner as the internet in Berlin is fast, with a good download speed.

German is not a must

If you are going to be in Berlin for a few weeks or months, you don’t have to speak or learn German. Most Germans can speak English, especially the younger generation. As there are so many internationals in Berlin, you will find all kinds of languages. The only time when German is needed is with official paperwork. 

Clubbing scene

Berlin is extremely popular for its clubbing scene. It keeps on changing and growing. You will find clubs for every music genre, but techno and electro are by far the most popular ones. 

Keep in mind that most clubs in Berlin have a very strict door policy. So, be prepared for getting denied based on looks and behaviour.

Where to live as a digital nomad in Berlin

Berlin is big and keeps on growing. Finding a place to love isn’t always as easy as it seems. In total there are 12 districts in Berlin and all of them have a different vibe and mentality. Some of the most popular ones are: 


Mitte is in the centre of Berlin, next to the Tiergarten park. You can find the central train station here as well as tons of museums, Brandenburger Tor, opera house,… and many more attractions. This area is pretty posh as it is in the middle of the centre. However, you will find lots of cafes, shops and restaurants. You sure won’t be bored in this area. However, you do have to deal with countless tourists every day.

If you are looking for a property here, Glibexs has some nice apartments available. One of our favourites is: Fritz. This is a beautiful furnished apartment. 


This area is close to all the attractions but it is less touristy. Therefore, the area is a bit quieter as well. Prenzlauerberg is very popular among families. You find lots of bars, flea markets, boutiques, restaurants,… pretty much everything that you need. Unfortunately, the area is very expensive because of its popularity. 

If you like to live with others in a Coliving, you should take a look at Stralsunder, a coliving that is located in Prenzlauerberg. This is a great way to meet other remote workers too. 


This area has a more bohemian vibe to it. Everything is very creative and youthful. This area doesn’t have too many tourists and is rather laid-back. However you will find plenty of cool bars and ethnic restaurants here. It is close to Volkspark which is great to hang out during the summer. Because this area is more laid back and doesn’t have that many tourists, the rental prices are still affordable.

Globexs has lots of accommodations in Friendrichshain, Berlin. If you would like to live here for a while you should check out Karl. This is a standard apartment with a great location and fully furnished.


Kreuzberg is also known as the hipster hotspot of Berlin. It is a very creative scene where all the cool kids hang around. This area has plenty of alternative coffee houses and bars. You will find shared gardening or ateliers here as well.

If you like it a bit more exclusive you should look at this beautiful, entry-ready apartment. 

How to meet other digital nomads in Berlin

Berlin is a real digital nomad hub. As it is a very big city, which is why some people struggle with meeting fellow nomads.

Coworking spaces

The first thing to do is to join coworking spaces. In Berlin there are more than 70 coworkings. Most of them also offer communal events for all their members and visitors, which creates the perfect opportunity to connect with like-minded people.

Join Facebook groups

This is a classic one. There are plenty of groups on Facebook for digital nomads around the world, as well as for Berlin. In these groups you can ask for people to hang out or just ask for advice in general. Become a member and start connecting!

Go clubbing

As mentioned before, Berlin has an amazing nightlife scene. Therefore, use this opportunity to go out and try to connect with others! Just start talking to people and ask them who don’t ask who will never know!

Attend language exchange events

In every city you will find a language exchange event. This is a great opportunity to learn German and connect with others while doing so. 

Berlin doesn’t disappoint. It is a buzzing city with lots of advantages. Berlin is super international which makes it accessible to expats and remote workers. Because of the big expat community, it won’t be a struggle to build up a social life either. In other words, what are you waiting for?

Apartment rental Berlin

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Remote workers in Berlin

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