Why remote workers choose Krakow

Poland is becoming more and more popular among digital nomads and remote workers, especially Krakow. It is a real hidden gem. Here, you find the perfect mix of cultures, which makes this city extraordinary. Remote working in Krakow will be a unique experience for sure. 

On top of the cultural richness, the city is cheap for digital nomads and remote workers. It has a thriving startup scene as well. The expat community in Krakow is large, which makes it rather easy to connect with others. The coworking spaces are pretty cheap too, which is ideal for remote workers and digital nomads. 

The WiFi speeds of this city are faster than the average UK WiFi. Although you might be far away from home, it is easier than ever to stay connected with others overseas.

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Krakow is filled with Gothic churches and plazas. In 2000, Krakow was named the European Capital of Culture bij the EU. The main culture in Poland today is the Slavic culture. They continue its traditions and customs of history.  Also, don’t miss the Wawel Royal Castle, this is a wonderful Medieval Royal Castle museum complex. It simply needs to be on your sightseeing list, as well as the Wieliczka Salt Mine, one of the oldest salt mines in the world. Its underground lakes and tunnels are definitely worth checking out!

The weather

There are four full seasons in Krakow. If you are travelling here as a digital nomad you better pack enough clothes for every season. In the summer it gets rather hot and humid, forcing you to escape inside with the air conditioning on. In wintertime however, temperatures fall under zero with lots of snow. Prepare for hot choco in front of the fireplace.

Coworking spaces

Not only do you have excellent WiFi and lots of free WiFi spots in Krakow, you will also find plenty of coworking spaces to work from, for a cheap monthly rate. This includes coffee, tee and kitchen access.  Some of them are even open 24/7, which is the dream of every remote worker. If you are a dog lover, you will even find coworking spaces where you can bring your dog to work!

Good nightlife

There is a high density of bars in Krakow. Most of them are located in the Old Town and Kazimierz. Here you can find hundreds of bars, you sure won’t be bored! 


Krakow is a safe city. As in every big city you have to watch out for pickpocketing, but in general is this a safe place where you can go out alone, even as a woman!

Where to live as a digital nomad in Krakow

Krakow is a very big city, with lots of great neighbourhoods. However, as a digital nomad there are a few recommendations. Let’s start by listing the five best neighbourhoods for remote workers in Krakow.

Stare Miasto

Stare Miasto is Polish for Old Town and is the historic centre of Krakow. Most tourist attractions are based here, next to plenty of bars and restaurants. This neighbourhood really gives an introduction on how the city is. It has a laid-back atmosphere during the day and is full of energy at night.

If you are looking for a shared apartment in Stare Miasto, you should check out Bogus. This is a modern bedroom in a shared apartment. 


Kleparz is located next to Stare Miasto. This gives you easy access to the Old Town. However, this area is much quieter and super relaxed. It is a good base from which you can explore other parts of the city as the main train station of Krakow is located here. 

Kleparz is a residential area which gives you the opportunity to experience Krakow as a local.


Kazimierz is something else. Once, this neighbourhood was a city on its own. It was an important hub for the Jewish population. However, in WWII they were forced out of the area. It is a place with lots of history and culture. 

Most nightlife can be found in Stare Miasto, but don’t underestimate the vibe of Kazimierz. This neighbourhood allows you to party like a local and enjoy drinks at prices where Poland is known for.


This neighbourhood is upcoming and has great vibes to it. It is ideal for families who live here or visit the city. You won’t find tourists here, which makes the area peaceful. On top of this, it is still walking distance from the major sites, thanks to a footbridge! 

You don’t have to go far though, to get some culture, as this area is filled with it. It contains many historic buildings and attractions. You will also find lots of bars with great internet connection here.

Globexs has an exclusive apartment in this lovely neighbourhood. Check out Przewoz for your next stay.


This is Krakow’s student neighbourhood. It is a large area with lots of cheap accommodations, food, bars and attractions. As it doesn’t contain any historical buildings, this area can appear a bit grey.  However, it has amazing transport links to the city centre. You get more here, for less cash. .

Krakow is a unique city in South Poland, with lots to offer. Many people come for its architecture but it offers more than that. It also has a unique culinary scene!

How to meet other remote workers in Krakow

When you find your place to stay and the perfect area, next up you should start building your social life here. Life as a digital nomads can get lonely sometime, especially if you are travelling solo.

Coworking spaces

Krakow has plenty of great coworking spaces. You should get out there and reserve a seat at a desk. This is a great and easy way to get to know people, while getting your work done. However, don’t get too distracted as you should work ;-). But that is when the afterwork comes in! Hang out with some fellow remote workers and connect. Networking has never been this easy. 

In total, there are around 40 coworkings in Krakow, so you can choose your favourites! They are all centrally located, with good access by public transport.

Facebook Groups

This one is easy as well. For every city, country,… there is an existing expat or remote workers group on Facebook. You should become a member of one of these. This is the ideal place to ask for advice or recommendations. You are connecting with like-minded people while getting inside info about the city, great!.

Enjoy life

Most Polish people are friendly and open. However, there might be lots of cultural differences. There is nothing wrong with that! In fact, you should take advantage of this, connect with some locals and explore their culture to the fullest. One advice: maybe learn some basic Polish words, even if it is just “hello” and “goodbye”. This is key to starting a conversation with locals. Luckily most people speak English as well here

Poland is a diverse and cultural country with lots of coworkings and a large expat community. On top of this, it is cheap and has incredibly fast WiFi. In other words, is this the perfect country for remote workers and digital nomads.

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