Destination in the spotlight: Budapest

Why remote workers choose Budapest

Budapest, the capital of Hungary is one of the top destinations for remote workers. It is a vibrant city and lots of visitors fall in love with this city. The city isn’t too far culturally removed from other countries that the typical nomad is from, so getting used to the place is easier than any other destination. 

You will find plenty of cafes, bars, pubs, restaurants,… There are also lots of cultural sites and architecturally interesting places. The city isn’t too big either (compared to other big European cities). 

If you take in consideration the most important aspects of choosing a destination, Budapest scores high. But what are the most important aspects?

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Cost of living

It is an Eastern European city, so your monthly cost of living in general won’t be expensive. To say it with numbers: groceries are about 60% cheaper than Paris and rentals are 70% cheaper than London. 


Safety in Budapest is very high. Of course, as in every big city, you should be aware of pickpocketing but overall the city is super safe and you can easily go out alone. 

Access to internet

There are plenty of great places with access to the internet. On top of this, is mobile data in Budapest faster than the global average!

Public transport

As most capital cities, Budapest is well-connected by public transportation. There are trams, busses, metros,… Tickets to use the public transport are relatively inexpensive as well. Most stations have vending machines where you can get your passes. 


Where to live as a remote worker in Budapest

Choosing a place to live is as difficult as choosing the right neighbourhood for you. That is why we will discuss the best known districts in Budapest. Budapest is made up of 23 districts. All these varied neighbourhoods make this city so exciting to explore. 

District VII

Here, you will find all the bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Because of this, the rent prices are lower than other centrally located districts. If you like the nightlife and going out, this district is perfect for you, you sure won’t be bored!

Would you like to live in this neighbourhood? Then we have the perfect apartment for you. Check out Kiraly. This is a beautiful three bedroom apartment in the heart of Budapest.


This is a residential area. Here it is a lot quieter than in District VII. Here, the prices are relatively cheap as well, considering that you are close to the city centre. You can be anywhere, within 15 minutes. 

Still looking for an apartment here? Check out Ponty. A beautiful and spacious apartment, fully furnished with everything that you need.


Buda is a bit more expensive than the rest of the neighbourhoods. However you do have your own access to services, nightlife, shopping,… On top of this it is also a very relaxed neighbourhood. It is great for sport lovers, as there is a large park between Buda and Pest. The park has a 5km running track!

Because this district is quieter, it is more popular among families. It is a large neighbourhood, so the more you go East, the more you are part of the city.

District V

This is a thriving place. This upscale district is home to plenty of bars and restaurants. There are also lots of options for public transport and you have an amazing view over the Danube. 

However, you can expect higher prices here as it is upmarket. There are lots of pedestrianised areas which means you won’t suffer too much noise!

This is a great district to explore Budapest. Check out apartment Harsfa. This is a shared apartment which means that it is cheap!

Where to work in Budapest

Budapest is suitable for any kind of remote worker. There are plenty of locations where you can work from. For starters, there are lots of cafes throughout the city with access to their wifi. But, there are also shared work spaces and coworkings.

Connect with others in Budapest

One thing that concerns any digital nomad is of course, making new friends! 

Facebook groups

An efficient way of connecting with lots of people at once is joining Facebook Groups. There are various groups for expats in Budapest. You can ask any Hungary-related question here, whether you are looking for a good Italian restaurant or you need help applying for a residence permit.

Shared working spaces

Budapest has plenty of coworking spaces. This is a great opportunity to connect with others. Here, you will only meet other fellow expats and digital nomads. You can connect with them while getting some work done. Keep in mind that these coworking spaces often organise events and meetups for remote workers. Make sure to check this out and participate!

Free Walking tours

There are free walking tours that you can participate in. This is a great way to meet people who are also new in the city. Speak up and ask them to hang out and go for drinks afterwards!

Go online

There are websites like Meetup who list several events. Keep an eye out for these events and attend them! These events are great for networking and socialising.

As you can read, Budapest is a diverse city. It has everything you need to make your new remote work adventure a success. From good nightlife to cheap cost of living to fast wifi. It is a dream to be able to live and work here temporarily.

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