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Remote workers in Tallinn

Tallinn has recently ranked as #1 destination for remote workers. Tallinn is the main financial, industrial and cultural centre of Estonia. It is located approximately 80 kilometres from Helsinki,  320 kilometres from Saint Petersburg,  300 kilometres from Riga, and 380 kilometres from Stockholm. Around 440,000 people live in Tallinn, of which ethnic Estonians make up about 50% of the population and ethnic Russians about 35%. On top of all this, it has a digital nomad visa, which is a dream for all remote workers and digital nomads.

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Cost of living

The cost of living in Tallinn is cheap. The rent for an apartment will cost you around €400 – €600 a month. Keep in mind that in the old city centre, prices may differ.

You can get lunch for around €7 and public transport will cost you €30 a month. This city isn’t too expensive and living here is pretty cheap. 

Quality of air

The World Health Organisation ranks Tallinn and Estonia as one of the countries with the cleanest air. It is a seaside city and it feels very green and clean as it doesn’t have lots of pollution, in comparison to other European cities.

Digital nomad visa

In recent years, Estonia has enacted a digital nomad visa which allows digital nomads to work remotely from Estonia, for up to one year. The application costs between $94 and $117 (or €80 and €100) depending on how long you plan on staying here. It has also been voted as one of the easiest digital nomad visas to obtain. Any digital nomad or remote worker can confirm that for a lot of countries and other visas, it is often expensive and complicated to get. Luckily, Estonia is not one of them.

Safety first

Estonia is a very safe country. If you ask other digital nomads and remote workers about how they feel living in Tallinn, they will probably all tell you that they feel safe. The crime rate is also low in every crime and safety report.


Not only Tallinn itself is beautiful but outside the city you may have an even more beautiful landscape. Once you get out of Tallinn you will probably see… nobody. Half of Estonia is covered in forests. There are also six national parks, open 24/7 and open for everyone. You are free to roam here as well. This means you can pick berries, mushrooms,…wherever you want and how many you want. On top of this, Estonia has an endless coastline and about 2222 islands!

Estonia is one of these countries where it doesn’t matter what season you visit it, you will always have something beautiful to explore. However, keep in mind that the winters can be very cold and harsh. In summer you can experience these long summer nights. In winter you can visit one of the most beautiful Christmas markets or take a ride on the longest ice road of Europe. In spring you can canoe over the flooded meadows. Oh and did you know that Estonio is one of the countries with the highest bear rate?

Internet access

The digital economy is booming in Estonia. 99% of public services are available online, 24/7. This way, you will never have a problem with internet access! This is one of the aspects that make Tallinn such an amazing city for remote workers and digital nomads, as they rely on a good internet connection, This is one thing that you should not be worried about here. 


There are lots of coworking spaces in Tallinn. You will definitely find one that suits all of your needs. As Estonia has one of the fastest internet speeds in Europe, it is the perfect destination for remote workers. Did you know by the way that it is home to the founders of Skype and TransferWise? 

Make sure to double check the prices when looking for a coworking space. Most prices are listed without VAT, so, when you go up there to pay, you might have to pay a bit more. Keep this in mind when choosing your go-to coworking space!

Good food, good mood

Estonians love home cooked meals. There are plenty of restaurants and you sure won’t be disappointed when eating out in Estonia. This country has a mixed history and the kitchen reflects this blend with Russian, German and Scandinavian cuisineTallinn has some of the best restaurants of this country. 

Due to the climate, the food is very traditional. The cold and harsh winters equal high fat and rich foods. Most dishes contain local products such as mushrooms (pickled) or pickled vegetables. You will also find lots of meat based soups and stews. 

If you want to find these traditional treats, you should check out the Tallinn Old Town. This is probably the best place to find traditional restaurants.

Family friendly

Tallinn is not only great for single remote workers but also for families. This city is a very active place with lots of entertainment and convenient facilities. 

As Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia, you have a good selection of schools here. (also international ones). Besides schools you will also find highly rated daycares and kindergartens.

As you can read, Tallinn is a diverse city with lots of different aspects. You can enjoy nature, food, culture,… all in one place, for a reasonable price. If you need help finding an accommodation, don’t hesitate to contact Globexs. We can help you settle.

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