Where to live in Barcelona?

Are you moving to Barcelona soon, but don’t know where to settle? We got you covered! In this article, we discuss the best neighborhoods to live in Barcelona as an expat. We listed our top 6 Barrios in Barcelona for expats and digital nomads. There are, of course, many more neighborhoods and places as Barcelona is Spain’s second biggest city. But these 6 will give you a good start ahead. Start a new chapter in one of the best places on earth.

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1. Garcia

Are you looking for a hip and family-friendly neighborhood in Barcelona? Then, Gracia is your place to be! The narrow pedestrian streets are typical for this Barrio. You will find many tapas bars here, amazing plazas, and cafés,.. Even playgrounds for children. 

This neighborhood is well known for its international cuisine, which is perfect if you are a real foodie!

If you love shopping this is also the perfect neighborhood for it. Furthermore, it is a real nightlife Hubspot with animated bars, cocktails, and many spots with live music.


In earlier years, this was a fishing town on the edge of Barcelona City. Right now, it has evolved as a resident’s dream. You have direct access to the beach, a vibrant social scene, and reasonable rental prices. 

The housing market here is rather simple and modest, but o lord! The sea views are stunning, which is what most people come for.

El Born

El Born is known as the “hipster” neighborhood. You will find many hip coffee shops, vintage stores, and trendy concept stores. On top of this, you will find art galleries and boutique shops. Furthermore, this is another lively spot for a good night out as El Born is lined with bars, perfect for cocktaiñs of a nice Vermouth.


L’Eixample means “extension” in Catalan. It was one of the first areas to be built after Barcelona’s old town. It is known for its wide streets and grand architecture. 

This neighborhood is located in the city center and is rather chic. It is an elegant neighborhood, and more upmarket. You will find designer stores and boutiques here, as well as, refined hotels and fine-dining restaurants. 

One of the coolest parts of L’Eixample is the lower west side of the neighborhood, this is one of the favorite LGBTQ+  hangout spots of the community. This is a very LGBTQ+ – centered neighborhood with many bars and clubs for the community.

El Raval

A more edgy and rough neighborhood is El Raval. It has changed over the year from an unsafe neighborhood to a cool and edgy Barrio

If you love skating and street art, this is your spot. The huge street murals decorate the streets next to skater shops and vegan cafés- This neighborhood is multicultural and home to some of the best middle eastern and Indian restaurants. 

If you love brunching this is also your place to be as it is filled with trendy brunch spots. Furthermore, you will find the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art and the Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona here as well.

Barrio Gòtic

One of the oldest neighborhoods of Barcelona is Barrio Gotic. It is partly surrounded by old city walls and filled with medieval buildings. It is also home to the Barcelona Cathedral. 

You will find old shops, Irish pubs and many souvenir shops here. In the lowest part of the neighborhood, close to the Marina,  you will find nightclubs and themed bars, ideal for a cool night out. 

Barrio Gotic is a mostly crowded area but you’re sure to find some quiet streets and unique shops as well.

As you can read, Barcelona has many different neighborhoods. Every neighborhood has its own charm. Depending on what you are looking for, we are sure you will find your new “home” here.



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