Living in Barcelona

Barcelona might be one of Spain’s most exciting cities. This city is full of life. There is always something to do, for everyone. The bars, restaurants, museums, and seaside, are just a few reasons for moving to Barcelona. However, the city impresses also with its culture, traditions, and a lot of history.

Barcelona is not only the second largest city in Spain, it is also the capital of Catalonia and counts about 1.6 million inhabitants.  You will discover various hills around Barcelona, but on the other side, you will find the city beach which is a major plus.

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Pros of living in Barcelona

The weather

Yes, you are living in Spain! The weather in Barcelona is mostly mild. Summers are hot and there are … sunny days a year. This makes waking up every morning a lot easier. 

The fact that Barcelona has a beach, makes it ideal to enjoy the climate to the fullest and to spend these summer days there.

Cycle friendly and very walkable

As Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain, everything within the city center is reachable by walking. This is very convenient when you live here. That is the advantage of living in a big city. There is good infrastructure, you have everything close by,… What more could you wish for?

Good nightlife

As Barcelona has an almost infinite number of places to eat, dance, and drink, it is one of the most fun cities in the world. It is almost impossible to get bored here as there is always something to do. Barcelona has a huge range of festivals, events, hangouts, people, and places. 

One of the major pros is that the nightlife here is easy to navigate. Everything is kind of within walking or driving distance Barcelona is known for its jam-packed bars, beach clubs, boat parties (in summer), and music festivals.

Some of the best parts of Barcelona for nightlife are Port Olympic, Gothic Quarter, El Raval, and the Beach.  

The nightlife here will amaze you for sure. Get ready to dance the night away!

Good Food

You are living in Spain, and let’s face it, if there is one thing the Spanish can do, it’s cook! In Barcelona, you have countless bars to discover and taste the delicious Spanish tapas. 

At every corner of the street, you will find a nice little bar where you can eat deliciously. A typical Spanish thing is the “menu del dia”. This is a standard lunch menu that gives you a great meal for as little as €12 (approximate, varies from place to place).

Beaches and mountains

Barcelona is surrounded by mountains. The best way to reach them is by car. A short drive will get you here. The nature around Barcelona is breathtaking. This is really a must-do if you are staying here! 

You also have beautiful beaches around Barcelona. In the summer it is a nice idea to rent a car and head out. Explore the surroundings and prepare to fall in love. 

Of course, you also have the city beach in Barcelona itself. This is very convenient if you don’t have a car and to visit every day. Definitely a plus! 

But if you like more peace and nature, we recommend you to take the car and explore. The landscape outside the city.


Yes yes, Barcelona, who has not heard of it? This city is known worldwide. This has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with the advantages. 

The city is super international. Are you an expat or digital nomad coming here to stay for a few months? You can be assured, that you are not the only one! This makes it easy to meet new people and quickly build up a social life. 

Don’t you speak Spanish? This is no problem either (or at least not in most places). Because Barcelona is so international, a lot of people speak English too. This can help you in the beginning.


Who says Barcelona, says architecture. This city is known for the art and influences of Guadí. 

What makes Barcelona’s architecture distinctive? Bold, brash, colorful, distinctive, harmonious, varied, and unique are just a few adjectives that come to mind when describing Barcelona architecture. Barcelona has successfully blended the old and the new in a way that makes this city simply breathtakingly beautiful.

There are Baroque buildings, an entire Gothic quarter, and, of course, the incredible works of modernist Antoni Gaudí. This is a must-see when you come here!

Cons of living in Barcelona

Cost of living

Barcelona is one of the most expensive cities in Spain, together with Madrid. However, it is still cheaper than most European cities.


Barcelona might be one of the cities with the most tourists. This is a known problem, which also makes it hard for locals to find affordable accommodation to live in. 

This is the flip side of all this tourism. The salary in Spain is pretty low, but prices are high because of tourism. Therefore, life becomes more expensive for the locals which makes the tourist less loved.  But no matter where you live, being perpetually surrounded by tourists can be pretty annoying. And Barcelona has A LOT of tourists!

Property hunt

As discussed above, rental prices are rather high. Below you can find an estimation: 

  1. 1-bedroom apartment in the city center: 917.30 €
  2. 1-bedroom apartment outside of the city center: 714.71 €
  3. 3-bedroom apartment in the city center: 1,531.58 €
  4. 3-bedroom apartment outside of the city center: 1,108.82 €

Those prices aren’t always going to be consistent, but they are a very good indication of what to expect.

As you can read, there is something for everyone. Barcelona has it all, culture, nightlife, food, quality of life,… you name it. These are just some of the reasons why people love this city. Having the opportunity to live here in your life will be the experience of a lifetime! Therefore, life becomes more expensive for the locals which makes the tourist less loved.  But no matter where you live, being perpetually surrounded by tourists can be pretty annoying. And Barcelona has A LOT of tourists!



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