New Covid cleaning protocols

How Globexs responds to the current health & safety situation

Dear client,

Thank you for choosing Globexs as your accommodation partner. For your reassurance, health and safety we have introduced elevated cleaning and safety procedures in light of coronavirus.

New Globexs cleaning protocols and procedures

We are taking extra care to disinfect our apartments due to COVID-19 to reduce the spread of infection.

Cleanliness has always been a top priority for Globexs, and it is even more important than ever.

We take our time to clean

Cleaning a rental apartment between 2 guests takes time, a lot of time. The standard Globexs booking buffer (the time between 2 guests) is 48 hours. We take our time to clean and disinfect the apartment between 2 guests. We usually spend between 6 and 10 hours cleaning and disinfecting for a standard 2 bedroom apartment.


The difference between cleaning and disinfection

Cleaning and disinfection are 2 different processes.:
Cleaning removes germs, dirt and impurities from surfaces or objects and uses soap or detergent and water to physically remove germs from surfaces. This process may not kill all the germs, but it reduces their number and the risk of spreading infection.
Disinfection kills germs on surfaces and objects. This is done by using chemicals that kill the germs on those surfaces or objects. This process does not necessarily clean dirty surfaces, but killing the germs on the surface after cleaning will further reduce the risk of spreading infection.


Our checklists & internal procedures 

  • We clean the apartments immediately after the check-out of the customer. The same day, if possible.
  • We always clean the apartment following a specific order: We start with the lower risk areas (living room, bedrooms), and end with the higher risk areas (kitchen, bathroom).
  • We ventilate the apartment during and after the cleaning process.
  • We disinfect the cleaning equipment before and after every use.
  • Our cleaning team works with 5 checklists: common areas, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, and flat preparation
  • Globexs works with a 5 step verification protocol, to ensure fluid communication and coordination between the cleaning team and the maintenance team


Maintenance report

After every cleaning a maintenance is drafted by the cleaning team. The maintenance report allows the Globexs team to quickly repair any damages, and to replace damaged or dirty items such as bed linens or kitchen equipment. If there still remain any imperfections to the apartment when the next guest arrives, the guest will be informed during the check in process.


High touch – deep clean

We have added an extra level of focus on the “high-touch, deep clean” areas like light switches, door handles, railings, fans and lamp chains, thermostats, window handles, garbage bins, television remotes, key sets, information card, etc.


Large surfaces

Walls: Between every guest we clean the walls as thoroughly as possible. Unfortunately we do not have the time to paint the apartment after every guest, so we cannot guarantee that every wall is spotless. 
Flooring: Every floor in the apartment is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with bleach.
Balconies and terraces: We do the maximum to ensure that the balconies and terraces are spotless and clean for the next sun lovers.


Kitchen procedures  

  • Between every guest we check all the kitchen equipment and replace if necessary.
  • All the dishes are washed and disinfected before the arrival of the next guest.
  • The fridge and freezer are emptied of all products with an expiry date.
  • Special attention to the microwave and oven.


Bathroom procedures

  • Between 2 guests we disinfect the toilet and the toilet seat.
  • The towels are washed in a professional laundry and replaced if necessary.
  • Special attention to shower curtains 
  • Special attention to cal removal on shower heads and shower screens


Bedding & bedlinen

  • Between 2 clients we check the bedding items such as mattresses, duvets and pillows.
  • The bedlinen items are washed in a professional laundry.
  • We are washing the linens at the highest permitted temperature according to the washing instructions of the manufacturer.
  • Our bedlinen can be bought in our Globexs webshop (


Cleaning products & equipment

We use the following cleaning products to clean your apartment. These products and equipment are at your disposal during your stay: 

  • disinfectant
  • bleach
  • bucket and mop
  • broom
  • sponges
  • kitchen towels


Protective gear for cleaning staff

Our cleaning staff uses the following gear:

  • 1-use disposable gloves
  • face masks FFP2


Protection for the clients

At the apartments we have the following protection material at the disposal of the guests: 

  • disinfectant gel 
  • paper towels
  • slippers


Recommendations for the clients

  • Wash your hands as much as possible. You have disinfectant gel at your disposal at the apartment.
  • Respect social distancing in the public areas of the building (entry – elevator – stairs).
  • We recommend that you take off your shoes when entering the apartment and use the slippers


Cleaning during your stay?

Do you want a cleaning/disinfection session during your stay? We can send our cleaning team to your apartment. The rate is 15€ + vat / hour.

Do you have suggestions or do you see room for improvement? Let us know!

Our health and safety procedures at Globexs

We have implementen new health and safety procedures for all visitors at the Globexs office.


Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.