Digital nomads in Valencia: A popular city on the coast of Spain

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Digital nomads in Valencia would certainly agree. If you work from home, you can choose where you want to live. Valencia is one of the most perfect cities to mix work-life balance. If you can choose where to live Valencia is your best choice. At least that is our humble opinion.

Valencia, Spain seems to be a place that is regularly chosen by digital nomads who want to live in a city that can offer them everything they need, has great weather, and isn’t too expensive. It is probably for these reasons that people choose Valencia, but let’s take a little look into why it makes such a great place to live.

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Finding a house

There is an abundance of places for rent in Valencia. The market is still low so you can find really great apartments at low prices. Some areas of Valencia have become real hipster places with cafes and bars, local artists, and urban terraces full of people eating and drinking until late at night on warm Spanish summer days. Globexs offers a wide range of rental apartments for digital nomads in Valencia.

If you want any help with information about the city or prices for apartments, of course, you can contact us here and we’ll give you all the latest advice.

Digital nomads in Valencia need coworking offices

Valencia has quickly adjusted to the new influx of younger people coming to live and work. In the centre and close to the beach there some great co-working spaces. Some are the more bohemian, café style places, and some are more formal office atmospheres. The Valencia Chamber of Commerce has some space available for cheap, and they will also give you advice on working self-employed in Spain.

It has great infrastructure

Any place you choose to live has to have the amenities you need to get by. Spain is a great country on the whole for this. Fibre-optic internet some of the fastest in the world with speeds in the centre of Valencia clocking at 220Mbps* making this something you can tick off your checklist as “covered”.

In the last 5 years two new hospitals have been built, one private and one public, both are state of the art costing hundreds of millions, queues are short and the healthcare is great. Spain has an NHS so no more overpriced insurance cover or endless waiting times.

The city has an underground transport network which covers the whole city and even the outskirts. The bus service is frequent and reliable; the buses have TVs and it’s little more than 1€ to take a ride. Taxis are everywhere. Valencia is quite a touristic city so the number of taxis is reflected here, after 10 pm they start at 6€ but during the day you can go most places for around 5€.
If you need to get to Madrid for meetings, the AVE opened three years ago shortening the time to an hour and three quarters in a 250-mile journey.

It’s a cost-effective place to live - you get a lot of bang for your buck

Valencia is a great place for quality of life in comparison to how much you spend. Digital nomads in Valencia are better off than expats in Madrid or Barcelona. Going for a night out doesn’t cost too much. For the very best restaurants expect to pay 50€ a head. But for drinks on the terrace, you can go out for 20-30€, eat tapas, have drinks, and get a taxi home. Renting apartments is still cheap and nowhere near rental prices in the US or the UK. For under 500€/month you can easily find a two-bedroom apartment with a communal pool for a dip on those hot summer days.

The weather is just perfect

The whole eastern coastline of Valencia has a microclimate. It is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer than the rest of Spain. It never snows in Valencia, is cold in January and February as the humidity makes for wind-chill. The apartments are really designed to stay cool in summer so winter can be chilly and a heater is a must.

It’s not too big, and it’s not too small

The greatest advantage Valencia has is its size. It’s a city of 1 million people. So everything is here, you have shopping centres, cool clubs and all the takeaways you could ever need. But it also has a nice sense of pace. It isn’t fast and hectic like Madrid and Barcelona, so you can take your time and enjoy life, as well as getting your work done. Digital nomads in Valencia can testify: Valencia is the best destination in Spain.

*We tested this ourselves as the marketing from the ISPs states 300Mbps. Not perfect but fast enough for anyone’s needs.

Apartment rental Valencia

Globexs offers a fine selection of furnished apartments for rent in Valencia. The rental process is specifically designed for digital nomads: Fully furnished apartments, fast wifi, flexible contracts and no hassles.



We will guide you through the local administration of Valencia. You will learn how to obtain a NIE, empadronamiento and residencia. Furthermore, we also give you insight into what you should do if you want to invest in Valencia or Spain in general. Or do you need help with declaring your VAT? This will also be covered. We will guide you from start to finish!

In the last chapter, we indicate some things that you usually don’t know or expect before moving but which can be interesting to know! On top of all this, some of the expats themselves will also have their say. They share their experiences and stories in the form of case studies.

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