A walk across the bridges of Valencia

In 1957 Valencia was flooded by the river Turia. As a result, Valencia built bridges, which split the city in two. There are all kinds: only for pedestrians, full of flowers, super modern,… You would think that Valencia is the city with the most bridges in Spain, but that’s not the case. Valencia has 18 in total. Let’s start with our 5 favorites.

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Pont de Real

This is a structure from 1595. It used to be just a wooden bridge crossing the river Turia. However, when a lot of Valencians were on the lookout to see Emperor Charles V of Spain pass by, the bridge sank. It could not bear that much weight. Emperor Charles V saw thousands of people fall into the river. Later the bridge was rebuilt by Joaquin Pasqual. If you want to live close to this bridge and this amazing park, we got you! Check out Pelayo 32. 

Pont dels Flors

This bridge is always, mark my words, always full of flowers. These are maintained and cared for all year round. As the national anthem of Valencia says: “Valencia is the land of flowers”. It is really a pleasure for your eyes as well as for your nose to walk or bike over this beautiful bridge. You can live nearby in Peris 2. 

Pont dels Serrans

This bridge was also built in the 16th century. Juan Bautista Corbera built it. There are 9 stone arches on which the bridge rests. The southern part of the bridge leads to the Torres de Serranos, the old city wall. From here you enter the old city center “El Carmen”. The Torres are very impressive, you will see this when you walk over this one!  Are you already excited to live almost next to this monument? Check out Lope! 

Pont de La Mar

This is the work of Francisco Figuerola. This used to be the natural path from the river to the harbour, therefore the name Pont De La Mar. In the 18th century the bridge was reformed several times. Meanwhile, it is a pedestrian crossing to cross the river. The bridge is surrounded by beautiful stairs to reach it. Nearby we have some great apartments like Ciscar.

Pont de Les Arts

Unlike the other bridges, it represents modernity. This is real engineering work. Use has been made of only 2 planks which are separated 20 meters from each other and are supported on a single post. It is a nice contrast with the other bridges in Valencia. Want to see what it`s like to live here? Check out Reina 2

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