Street art in the heart of Valencia

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Those who have been in Valencia know it without a doubt. If you walk through the old centre of Valencia you will notice the street art as one of the first things. Valencia has a lot of fantastic artists and these are part of it. You can find these fantastic works of art throughout the old centre, and even beyond! El Carmen is possibly the most famous neighbourhood with graffiti in Valencia, but it is not the only one.

This piece of art is from Cere and Julieta XLF, both members of the group XLF. This group has contributed its works in a disinterested way to the city. They have learned to integrate their styles to create authentic masterpieces of urban art in Valencia. The graffiti is very colorful and most of them draw with a certain manga style, a girl with long hair surrounded by nature and fantasy. You can find this one in the heart of Valencia, just like this apartment: Popul. 

I‘m sure you‘ve seen these ninja‘s all around town. David de Limon is the great artist behind these works. They are simple figures but are an integral part of this urban landscape. He is a native of the Barrio del Carmen, so this is where you will find his work most often. Close to this artwork we have lots of apartments but one of our favourites is Quart 1

There are many other urban art artists who have left their mark on Valencia and whose works we can admire along the way. Graffiti isn’t officially permitted in Valencia but you can still see some artists working in the daylight. The street art is highly approved by the locals, that‘s why most authorities turn a blind eye. And we understand! I mean look at these beautiful works of art! Most of the artworks are replaced overnight, this means that the street in El Carmen can look very different from one day to another. If you would love to live nearby this work, don’t worry, we got you! Check out Tossal 4.

Make sure to look in every corner if you‘re walking through these small streets of El Carmen. You never know where you might find the best pieces of art. The graffitiworks degrade over time and change. It is a free museum: art is created, exhibited and changed. Beyond the city walls the graffiti artists have continued to give free admission to their art. If you have time you can take a walk through the Ruzafa or Cabanyal neighbourhoods and continue enjoying Valencian urban art. We love graffiti, beautiful graffiti and authentic street art, and Valencia is full of it.

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