Neighbourhoods in Antwerp: Zuid, Zurenborg and Eilandje

Where to live in Antwerp?

Antwerp is often an unknown city for foreigners, but undeservedly so. This city has a lot to offer. Apart from all the activities and events, you have beautiful historical buildings here. Good restaurants and nice cafés are not lacking either. In this series, we will discover which district suits you best. 

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Het Zuid

ZuidThis may be the most popular neighbourhood among locals. In this neighbourhood, you have a bit of everything. There are quiet residential streets but at the same time there is a lot of life. You will find the nicest cafés and best restaurants of Antwerp here. The buildings are old mansions, which gives it a nice cosy atmosphere. 

For art lovers, this is also an ideal neighbourhood. You have here the FOMU, M HKA as well as many other museums and art galleries. There are a lot of squares and boulevards. 

Located in the centre of Antwerp Zuid, you will find Waterpoort. This is one of the neighbourhoods most recognized monuments. It was built in 1624 when the city was under Spanish rule.

Het Zuid is also very popular as a place to go out, thanks to the many cafés and restaurants. It is the most southern of Antwerp’s districts. There is a cool and relaxed atmosphere here, which you will certainly like.

Het Zuid is a trendy and hip neighbourhood that continues to evolve and keep up with the times. You will certainly not be bored here. The best way to discover this neighbourhood is to take a good walk and explore all the little streets. In the evening, go and have a cold beer on a terrace and you will soon start talking to locals.


Zurenborg is hugging the R10 to the southeast of the city centre. It is best known for its classic architecture. This neighbourhood is split by a railway. The North part has a cosy village atmosphere and attracts lots of families. 

The south part of the neighbourhood has quirky townhouses. Residents have easy access to public transport. It is located far enough from the city centre to be quiet and residential. However, it is not too far away, so there is always something to do and see. The only downside is that the properties here are quite expensive.


AntwerpHet Eilandje has not stolen its name: Antwerp’s oldest port area is surrounded by water. Today, port activity is more concentrated in the north, but the port feeling still prevails here. Taste the old atmosphere of the unloading quay with monumental warehouses, lanterns, hangars and cobblestones. Even if you are familiar with this fast-changing neighbourhood, we recommend that you return regularly because things change so quickly. 

Thanks to three crowd-pullers, the MAS | Museum aan de Stroom, the Red Star Line Museum and the Port House, the link between the city and the water is underlined once more.

Het Eilandje is the northernmost neighbourhood of Antwerp. The Port of Antwerp used to be located here, after it slowly moved out of the city centre.

So here you will find several docks, some even ordered by Napoleon Bonaparte! And around the docks, you can see the many house-high warehouses, which have now been transformed into fancy lofts.

Het Eilandje is undergoing a huge transformation after years of neglect. Now it is one of the hippest hotspots in Antwerp with top museums such as the MAS and the Red Star Line museum, a fully equipped yacht-marina and many top restaurants and bars!

These two neighbourhoods are the most popular and also the most expensive to rent or buy. As demand often exceeds supply, prices rise.

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