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Moving to Valencia

This article is written for people who are planning to move to Valencia and provides useful information about finding an affordable rental apartment.

Previously we wrote about how to find a job in Spainhow to invest in Valenciawhy is it a good idea to retire in Valenciaand the pros and cons of moving to Valencia; we got a lot of positive feedback from expats and digital nomads thinking about moving to Valencia. The most successful article, however, was about the comparison between Valencia and Madrid/Barcelona. The article “why is it better to live in Valencia than in Madrid or Barcelona” reached thousands of readers and led to some (heated) online discussions. Some people agreed, some people did not. 

How to rent an apartment in Valencia

The rental market in Valencia has changed a lot in recent years, primarily because of the success of websites like Airbnb. As in most cities in Spain, there are 3 types of rentals, not taking into consideration student accommodation and flat-sharing.

Traditional rentals

Traditional real estate agencies usually offer empty unfurnished apartments for rent with a minimum stay of a year. Prices are higher than in the South of Spain, but still 20-30% lower than in Madrid or Barcelona. For much less than 650€ per month, you won’t find anything in a decent neighbourhood. And of course, you need to add expenses and the agency fee (1 month rent). Community expenses are usually included in the rental price, but you will stay have to go through the hassle of contracting wifi, water, electricity, etc. These kind of apartments are not interesting for people who are looking for a temporary apartment for a few months in Valencia, as its way too complicated. And if you do not speak Spanish (or Valencian), forget about it!

Holiday rentals

As in the rest of Spain (Europe? world?), Airbnb and friends have drastically changed the concept of holiday rentals in Valencia. There are hundreds of vacation rental apartments in Valencia, or at least there were; before locals have voiced anger at the impact of unregulated apartment tourism in the area. The local government stepped up with strict regulations and high fines scaring off many apartment owners. At the moment there are still many holiday apartments listed on Airbnb but this number is continuously decreasing. Anyway, holiday apartments are not interesting for people who want to live and work in Valencia for a while, because it would be way too expensive.

Expat rentals

If you want to feel the vibes of Valencia for a few months, and you are lucky enough to be in a situation where you can afford it (Isn’t it great to be a digital nomad?), you are looking for an expat rental. In other words, you are looking for a company like Globexs. Situated between traditional and holiday rentals are the Globexs rentals. We have a large database of furnished apartments, most of them previously published on Airbnb, available and suitable for medium-long expat stays: fully furnished and ready to move in. All expenses are included in the rental price, so you do not have to worry about wifi, water, electricity and other bills.

Valencia relocation assistance

Earlier this year we wrote an article about Valencia relocation assistance, and how Globexs helps foreigners settling in. 

Are you looking for an English speaking immigration lawyer in Valencia, Spain? Globexs is a relocation company and a law firm that offers legal immigration assistance for expats moving to Spain

More information on how to rent an apartment in Valencia

The Globexs rental process is specifically designed to make life easy for people who move abroad. No hassle rentals: We deliver trust and confidence. 

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Pros and cons of moving to Valencia

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