Apartments for expats in Brussels

Rental apartments for expats in Brussels

Globexs offers a wide range of rental apartments for expats in Brussels in all budgets.

If you are moving to Brussels we make you a personalized quotation so that we can offer you exactly the right apartment.

  • Do you want to live in the center of Brussels or in a green environment around Brussels?
  • Do you need a multi-bedroom apartment or a studio?
  • Do you need a parking spot for your car?
  • Do you come alone or with your family?
  • Etc.

At Globexs we understand that every case is different and that every expat in Brussels has different expectations and needs. Within each budget, we find the best solution that matches your profile.

Budget city apartments

1 bedroom
City Center

budget city apartments for expats in brussels

Budget apartments in the city center with 1 or 2 bedrooms

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Luxury apartments near Montgomery

2 bedroom

luxury apartments for expats in brussels montgomery

Luxury expat apartments with 1,2 or 3 bedrooms

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Green apartments in Dilbeek

3 bedroom

Green apartments for expats in Brussels

Luxury expat apartments in a green environment

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Globexs is the reference for service and quality regarding temporary apartments for expats in Brussels. We guarantee the authentic Globexs Experience. Click below to apply for an apartment or contact us for more information.  


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Wednesday 28 March 2018
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