Expats and foreign workers need flexibility

Rental apartments in Antwerp with flexible contracts

Rental apartments in Antwerp with flexible contracts

This article is written to help foreigners moving to Antwerp. More in particular, this article is interesting for expats and foreign workers that are moving to Antwerp for a few months, not permanently, and therefor need an apartment with a flexible rental contract.

Globexs is specialized in helping people that are looking for flexible accommodation in Antwerp. We understand that many people come to Antwerp for a specific project or assignment and that often they do not know how long they will have to stay. Many people know the arrival date, but not the exit date. We have the answer to help these people: fully furnished apartments, with monthly extendable rental contracts.

We have all kinds of apartments in Antwerp

When it comes to rental apartments in Antwerp with flexible contracts we can offer all kinds of apartments: Luxury apartments, standard apartments and apartments specifically prepared for workers.

Luxury apartments

For example CENTER. This amazing luxury rental flat is located in the heart of Antwerp, so it is very popular amongst expats. It has 1 bedroom with a double bed, a great living room with 16 windows (!), and a modern kitchen and bathroom. This apartment breathes luxury and peace. The decoration is modern and stylish and the apartment has Wi-Fi. Guests are above all amazed by its great location: It's walking distance to the Antwerp Cathedral, the Meir, South area, etc. 

beautiful 1 bedroom apartments in Antwerp Center

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Standards apartments

For example MIKADO. Mikado is 1 bedroom rental flat for expats in Antwerp. The apartment is perfect for a temporary stay in Antwerp. The apartment has 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, an American kitchen and a living room with lots of natural light. The kitchen is fully equipped with everything you need to prepare a meal. A parking space is optional but very handy in this part of the city. 

beautiful 1 bedroom apartments in Antwerp Mikado

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Apartments for workers

For example JAN BREYDEL. The Jan Breydel apartments are apartments specifically prepared and equipped to host foreign workers. There are only single beds in max 2 bedrooms. There is a large living and dining area, and there is free and abundant parking in the neighbourhood. The apartments have easy access to the Singel and the Ringroad around Antwerp.

apartments for workers in Antwerp

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What exactly is the Globexs Experience?

Well at Globexs we all agree that our main job is making people feel welcome. Globexs is, in essence, a people-company: people working for people. Us working for expats. We sell trust and confidence. We are the little tap on your shoulder and the voice whispering in your ear that everything will be all right. That is the Globexs experience, and that is what distinguishes us from traditional rental companies.

Welcome to Globexs, we are at your service...


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