Our commitment to global mobility in 2019

Global mobility in 2019

What Globexs can do for you in 2019

Our commitment in 2019

We will continue to embrace global mobility in 2019 and help people being successful abroad.

We remain loyal to our mission and values

“We do what we do because we believe that the world would be a better place if everybody had the change to live and work abroad for a while”

We remain passionate about global mobility in 2019. We believe that everyone should be an expat, remote worker, digital nomad, erasmus student.... at least for a brief period in their lives. We believe that embracing global mobility in 2019 is the best way to bring people together and improve the world around us.

Our customers are expats and digital nomads. We offer rental apartmentsbusiness infrastructurerelocation services and legal assistance to the brave that want to be successful abroad. 

We help people move to Spain

In 2019 we continue to try to make life easy for people who move to Spain with interesting tips and articles:

We help digital nomads move from one country to another

In 2018 we published many articles about global mobility for digital nomads.
These were the most popular ones:

We help expat companies into new markets

Globexs helps companies manage their physical expansion into new markets.
We provide the necessary networking infrastructure and tools to successfully expand their business abroad.

In 2019 we invite you to work with us

Since Globexs was founded in 2002, we have developed some very strong and productive long-term relationships with introducers of clients (often referred to as affiliates). Affiliates are companies or individuals who provide us with leads. Affiliates might be former clients, estate agents, lawyers, property portals or anyone else who may recommend our services to potential Globexs customers.

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Globexs will continue to be the reference regarding global mobility in 2019. We guarantee the authentic Globexs Experience. Click below to apply for an apartment or contact us for more information.  


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