Learn more about the rental price, expenses, linen fee and agency fee

About the rental price

The rental price is what the owner received in concept of rent. The rental price shown on this website is the minimum price. Depending on the length of the stay the price can vary. For very short rentals (1-2 months), in high season, the price will be higher than shown on this website.

About the expenses

The contracts of all the utilities remain under the name of the owner. Included in the expenses are:

  • Energy costs: With a maximum of a total amount of 80€ are included all the energycosts: water, gas and electricity. 
  • Wifi and TV: Wifi and TV connection are included in the expenses
  • Other expenses: Included in the expenses are the community costs, ibi, etc.
All the apartments are fully furnished, including towels and bedlinens.

About the deposit

The amount of the security deposit sometimes (but not always) depends on the lenght of the stay. Read our terms and conditions for more information regarding the deposit, and the conditions of refund of the deposit.

About the agency fee

The agency fee depends on the lenght of the stay and on the specific conditions of the rental. An agency fee can be charged in 2 ways: For some rentals the agency fee is charged as a 1-time payment, at the moment of confirmation of the booking. For other rentals the agency fee is charged monthly. In this case a 20-30% is charged monthly on top of the rental fee.

Why do you pay an agency fee?

Tenants pay an agency fee for the safety and security of having a reputated company who guarantees a no hassle rental. Globexs tenants enjoy a serie of services that gives them the comfort and safety they need in their new home.

  • Contactperson: During the full stay the tenants have a contactnumber and a contactperson dedicated to their case.
  • Contracts: All legal documents (reservation, lease contract, etc.) were drew up by a reputated lawyers' office in order to provide the best contractual security.
  • Guarantee and security: Tenants are sure they rent an apartment that complies with the legal and ethical standards.
  • Intermediation: In case of problems or disputes the company Globexs intermediates with the owner.
  • Customer service: We attend you in English, Spanish, Valencian, French and Dutch.
  • Payment facilities: We offer the possiblity to pay in cash, bank transfer, credit card and paypal.

About the linen fee

Often, but not always, the rental agreement is subject to a one-time linen fee on exit. The linen fee is to be paid together with the rent of the last month. A linen fee is charged in the last month of the stay to cover the cost of the washing of the bedlinens and towels. If there are unremovable stains the owner can decide to withdraw (part of) the deposit. The linen fee is not to be confused with a cleaning fee. The tenant is always obligated to leave the apartment clean on check out. (See our terms and conditions).

More information

The Globexs rental process is specifically designed to make life easy for people who move abroad. No hassle rentals: We deliver trust and confidence. Click below to read more about Globexs, why we exist, and the authentic Globexs experience.

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