Globexs check-out procedure

How to leave your apartment on check-out

Is your Globexs rental coming to an end? On this page, we explain what we expect from you. Read here the Globexs check-out procedure.

Non presential check-out procedure

Check-out is usually non-presential unless agreed otherwise with the owner or a Globexs agent. This means that you have to check out before 11 AM and can leave the keys on the table and close the door behind you. 

How to leave the apartment on check-out

You need to leave the apartment clean on check-out.

You are not obliged to wash the bedsheets and the towels (for some properties a 1-time linen fee is charged to cover this cost), but you have to clean the apartment before you leave:

In case the apartment is left behind dirty a cleaning fee can be charged. The cleaning fee is not to be confused with the linen fee. Read here about the difference between linen fee and cleaning fee. The cleaning fee amount will be decided by the owner of the apartment (minimum 75€ and maximum 1 month’s rent), and communicated to you by Globexs (read our terms and conditions).

Need help cleaning your apartment before you leave?

If you need a hand cleaning your apartment before your check out, do not hesitate to contact us. We can send a cleaning lady. The cost is 15€ + vat per hour (in Spain). In Belgium we currently do not offer this service.

The deposit

Read all about our deposit policy in our terms and conditions.

When do we return the deposit?

The deposit will be refunded by bank transfer after check-out, but only if you have completely fulfilled your obligations as a good tenant: If there are no damages to the property, if the house rules have been respected and the property is left behind in the same conditions as upon arrival. The deposit will be refunded as soon as possible with a minimum of 5 days. But it can take as long as maximum of 30 days after check-out, because we have to wait for the energy bills of the last month.

Reasons for non-refund

The deposit will not be refunded (partly of completely) in the following cases:

Administration cost for deposit report

In case (a part of) the deposit cannot be refunded, a deposit report will be drafted by Globexs to explain the reason for the non-refund. In this case, also an administration cost of between 50€ – 250€ will be charged to the tenant.

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