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The top 10 tips from our keyboard warriors

LAST UPDATE 05.10.2021

Entire populations are confined to their homes by Covid-19, but many organisations continue to function. People are working from home and millions of meetings are being held online. We listed some working from home tips.

At the moment, working from home is new to many of us. However, according to Calum Chace in Forbes, one of the 10 lasting impacts of Corona is that in the future there will be much more digital nomads, because many people will find working and meeting remotely both efficient and congenial, saving both time and money. These are positive and inspiring words during these dark days where Global Mobility is being challenged as never before.

After all, let’s face it, digital nomads are the ambassadors of progress. Most of the Globexs clients are keyboard warriors. These are 10 tips for those who just started working remotely from home. Our top 10 working from home tips.

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1. Maintain your routine

A big risk of working from home is that you never get into your work rhythm because you are not in a real working environment. Make sure you set up a place at home into an “office” and stick to this, this will get you into the right workflow faster. Getting up early and working your normal hours may also help you work more productively and concentrate. In other words: Maintain your daily routine!

2. Update your to-do-list every morning

At home you don‘t have your boss around to tell you what to do and what your priorities are. Updating your to-do list every morning will help you to see what your priorities are and what you still have to do. This way you will continue to work efficiently and in a structured way. Don‘t you have a planner yet? Don‘t worry, we got you, check out this handy journal. 

3. Don't work in your pajamas

I know, it’s tempting… but not at all good for your productivity. The saying “dress for success” isn’t just a saying, it actually matters when you’re working from home. Dressing as if you‘re going to work puts you in the right mindset,  this way you’re ready to get work done and you’re mentally and physically ready for the day.

4. Schedule breaks

At home you should keep your breaks throughout the day. Having a fixed lunch time and taking a break is at least as important as working. Take your time to eat and rest! Look at The Muse for extra tips, to make sure you take a break that suits you. 

5. Make some rules with the people you live with

If you don’t live alone but you have kids, a roomie, a husband,… it’s very important to set some ground rules. What can and can‘t they do during your working hours? Make clear rules, this works easier for everyone. 

6. Communicate effectively

A part of your discipline is communicating with colleagues. Make sure you understand each other, this is another rule for effective working from home. There is the intranet, lots of chat-apps, and of course there is your email. Remember that your colleagues may often communicate via other channels than you do. Just adapt and communicate! If you are still looking for a good tool to communicate efficiently as a team during this period, try Slack. It is clear and easy to use. 

7. Discover your high productivity hours

Everyone is most productive at different hours. Some are morning people, some are night owls. Find out when you are most productive and build your workday around this. Schedule the tasks that need a lot of attention around these hours. That’s how you get most of the work done.

8. Make use of the advantages

Working from home has many advantages, for example you can get up much earlier, when the rest of the world is still asleep and already get a lot of work done. Do you like cooking, baking… but you don’t usually find the time for this? Pop something in the oven while you’re working, just because you can. Take advantage of the many benefits, you deserve it!

9. End your day with a routine

Just like you start your day with a routine, you end it that way. This can go from a short walk, a home work out, a few stretches, listening to music,… Whatever you choose, make sure you do it consistently at the end of your working day. 

10. Make it personal

See what works best for you personally. Sometimes this is very clear but sometimes you need some inspiration from other people who are in the same boat. This post may help you but I‘m sure there are lots of other ways to figure out your perfect working at home routine! Here you can already find 7 handy tips for long term travellers. And if this is not enough, become part of our expat community and join our facebook group and connect with other expats, you can always ask them for help.

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