Frequently Asked Questions for tenants

Globexs services for tenants

What kind of rentals Globexs offers?
Globexs offers expat rentals: The apartments and houses are fully furnished, the expenses are included in the rent, and the average stay is 5-6 months. Globexs never rents apartments for tourism purposes. The minimum stay is 1 month. The maximum stay is 11 months. The apartments are only intended for use as a temporary housing accommodation. The tenants are not permitted to make it their principal or main place of residence.
In how many destinations Globexs operates?
Globexs publishes temporary expat apartments in 24 cities, but we operate in practically every location in Europe. We go the extra mile for our corporate clients, and we provide them with apartments wherever necessary.
Is Globexs a real estate agency?
No, certainly not. Globexs is a relocation company: a service company for expats. We are a relocation company built around an apartment platform for companies, expats and digital nomads. We take care of our customers from the moment they arrive until the moment they leave. Besides housing we offer a wide range of relocation services to our customers.
Does Globexs offers more services besides rentals?
Absolutely. Globexs is a service company for expats and a wide package of relocation services, legal immigration services, and fiscal services.

The booking process

What is the minimum and maximum time we can book?
We offer rentals from 30 days, depending on the city and always respecting the limits of local regulations. Although there is no maximum booking period, it is usual for the companies we work with to stay for less than 1 year. In any case, if you have to move for more than 1 year, tell us about your case at Globexs never rents apartments for tourism purposes.
I know when we are coming in but I don't know the exact departure date.
In these cases we recommend booking the minimum time that you are sure the trip will last. For example, if you are in doubt between 2 months or 2 and a half months, we recommend booking for 2 months and renew if necessary. Even so, if you are planning to renew, we recommend that you inform Globexs as far in advance as possible.
Is it possible to visit the apartments before booking?
That is up to the owner (as long as the privacy of current tenants is respected), but usually we do not organize visits prior to the rental.
How do we set the prices for the apartments and houses?
Prices are set by the owners of the flats. If you have any doubts about the average prices of an area before moving call us on 00 34 962 066 814 or write to
What do I do if I don't like the flat when I arrive?
We need to know the reasons for the non-conformity and study them in order to be able to provide a solution quickly. We can only take legal action if the flat does not fit within the characteristics that were promised at the beginning, as this would be a breach of contract. However, if it is something related to personal preference, we cannot take legal action, as it is not a breach.
What is the difference between a Globexs apartment and a partner apartment?
Most of the published properties are “Globexs-properties”. Some of the published properties are “partner-properties”. Partner properties are clearly flagged with an orange label. Properties without the orange label are Globexs properties. Globexs properties are housing facilities of which the booking process is managed by Globexs. Partner properties are housing facilities that are fully managed by a third party, a Globexs partner. In other words: A booking in a Globexs property is managed by Globexs. A booking in a partner apartment is managed by the Globexs partner. If you click on a partner property you leave the Globexs website and you land on the partner’s website. From that moment on you deal directly with our partner if you were to book the property.


Are the expenses included in the rental price?
Included in the rental price are all the expenses: Wifi, water, electricity, gas, etc. The energy costs (only electrity + gas) are limited to a monthly maximum that is agreed upon in the rental contract. If the guest consumes more energy he will have to pay the difference. The contracts of all the utilities remain under the name of the owner.
What is an agency fee?
Tenants pay an agency fee for the safety and security of having a reputated company who guarantees a no hassle rental. Globexs tenants enjoy a serie of services that gives them the comfort and safety they need in their new home. The agency fee depends on the length of the stay and on the specific conditions of the rental. An agency fee can be charged in 2 ways: For some rentals the agency fee is charged as a 1-time payment, at the moment of confirmation of the booking. For other rentals the agency fee is charged monthly. In this case a 20-30% is charged monthly on top of the rental fee. All fees are displayed without VAT.
What is a linen fee?
A linen fee is charged to cover the cost of the washing of the bedlinens and towels. For the reassurance, health and safety of our guests we have introduced elevated cleaning and safety procedures in light of coronavirus. To cover the costs of these intensive new cleaning and desinfection protocols we charge a one-time linen fee, which is usually 150€. For more information check out our covid cleaning protocols. The linen fee is not to be confused with a cleaning fee. The tenant is always obligated to leave the apartment clean on check out (See our terms and conditions). In case the apartment is left behind dirty a cleaning fee can be charged. The cleaning fee amount will be decided by the owner of the apartment (minimum 75€ and maximum 1 month’s rent). In other words, the cleaning fee can be considered a "fine", while the linen fee is a standard cost due to the increased post covid health and safety hazards. 
Why do I have to pay a deposit?
A deposit is necessary. In order to assure the good and complete fulfillment of his/her obligations under this agreement, the tenant is obliged to pay a deposit at the moment of the booking. The amount of this deposit is decided by the owner and is usually between 750€ and 2 month’s rent. The amount of the security deposit sometimes (but not always) depends on the lenght of the stay. Read our terms and conditions for more information regarding the deposit, and the conditions of refund of the deposit.
When do I get my deposit back?
The deposit will be refunded by bank transfer to the LESSEE after check-out, but only if the LESSEE has completely fulfilled his/her obligations under this agreement, if there are no damages being made to the property, if the house rules have been respected and the property is left behind in the same conditions as upon arrival. The deposit will be refunded as soon as possible with a minimum of 5 days. But it can take as long as maximum of 30 days after check-out, because we have to wait for the energy bills of the last month.


Do I have to sign a rental contract?
Yes, most owners that publish their apartment on will ask you to sign a rental contract. This rental contract will usually be drafted and presented to you before arrival, or in some cases, upon arrival.
What happens if we have to leave the flat before the end of the contract?
The cancellation terms can be consulted on our website (terms&conditions), but can be overruled by the cancellations terms in the rental contract.
I want to renew the contract.
If you are planning to renew your stay, we recommend that you inform Globexs as far in advance as possible. First of all we must check the availability of the accommodation where you are currently staying. If it is available we will sign a contract extension. If not, we will try to relocate the company to another flat with similar characteristics and conditions.
How do I pay for electricity, water, gas, etc?
Included in the rental price are all the expenses: Wifi, water, electricity, gas, etc. The energy costs (only electrity + gas) are limited to a monthly maximum that is agreed upon in the rental contract. If the guest consumes more energy he will have to pay the difference. The contracts of all the utilities remain under the name of the owner.