Neighbourhoods in Valencia: Campanar and Benimaclet

Where to live in Valencia?

We already talked about the hottest neighbourhoods in Valencia such as Ruzafa, El Carmen and Cabañal. But Valencia has much more to offer than these typical and known neighbourhoods. Let’s talk about some unknown districts in Valencia in this post: Benimaclet and Campanar.

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neighbourhoods in ValenciaOne of the most unique and dynamic neighbourhoods in Valencia is Benimaclet. It might be one of the most charming and genuine neighbourhoods as it feels like a small town. It makes you forget that you are in Spains’ third largest city. 

Benimaclet has a weekly market on Fridays. They sell everything from paella pans to underwear. This is a nice place to sit and admire the church and watch the world go by. There is almost always an event going on in Benimaclet. This is an amazing place to enjoy the Valencian Fallas as well, this barrio really goes all out at this time of the year.

If you don’t like touristy places, this is your place to be. Because of this, housing is much cheaper here as well. It is located between the beach and the old city centre. However, Benimaclet is super easy to reach as it has plenty of bus, trams and metro connections. The tram takes you to the beach in just five minutes. The area is connected very well with the other parts of the city and with the airport. There are two metro stations (Benimaclet and Machado) and bike lanes to both the city and the beach. Parque de Viveros and Turia are walking distance.

As you can read, there are plenty of reasons to make this district your base on your next visit to Valencia. 


Neighbourhoods in ValenciaThis is one of the best hidden gems of Valencia. At first, when you enter Campanar, you might not feel attracted to it but once you get to the centre of Campanar, you will fall in love. You leave the city, walk into this pedestrian zone and find yourself fifty years back in time. It has an urban centre that has managed to maintain the same appearance from its past.

Campanar is located in the North of the riverbed Turia. The old centre of Campanar is a closely packed area of pedestrian streets and small colourful houses. This area is located close to the City Centre. However, it is a place where lots of locals live. Therefore, it is much more affordable to live here. The old-fashioned church square Plaça de l’Església is fringed by low-key neighbourhood tapas bars and bakeries.

The Bioparc is closeby, which is great if you have children. In Campanar there are also plenty of bars and restaurants as well as places to go out. Because it is close to Turia Park, you can also go for a picnic in the park. It is great to ride your bike and enjoy nature. 

Campanar is very well connected by car and public transport from the centre of Valencia. Next to Turia Park you will find the central bus station of Valencia.

After years of heavy investments by construction companies, Campanar has now become an attractive place to live. There are many complexes from the nineties with shared facilities such as tennis courts, swimming pools and fitness rooms, where two-bedroom apartments can be found from € 200,000 to € 500,000.

In the last few years, the traditional summer terraces have made room for a more modernised version of nightlife. You can find typical lounge bars, lofts and cocktail bars with a chic touch. 

Next time you visit Valencia you should try out one of these neighbourhoods in Valencia. Less tourists, more locals! 

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