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A while ago I came across this picture and it made me laugh. I do agree: You can’t buy happiness but you can go to Spain and that’s pretty much the same thing.

I moved to Spain 11 years ago from Belgium, and obviously, it was a life-changing decision. I am not saying that I would not be happy living in Belgium right now, but I can say that I definitely am happy living in Spain.

Go to Spain with Globexs

Go to Spain and be happy

But I was lucky… First of all, I arrived in Spain in the golden years, in 2005, just before the crisis, when job offers were still abundant. I immediately found a good job in export sales, because my language skills are not bad. If you speak a few languages you are all of the sudden on the top of the food chain in Spain.

Secondly, I ended up in one of the best places to live in Spain: Valencia. Valencia is a fantastic city and a top destination for expats. It has a brilliant climate, beaches, nice downtown areas, mountains close by, and it has a large enough size to offer job and business opportunities. So my advice is clear: If you go to Spain, go to Valencia!

Thirdly, I was lucky to meet the best girl in the world, Tiscar Navarro. Meeting her was the best thing that happened to me and we got married in 2012. Tiscar is a successful immigration lawyer and manager of Globexs (Global Expatriate Services SL). Getting married to Tiscar confirmed my love for her and my choice to live in Spain for the rest of my life. Now, many years later, I am also positive that having a Spanish partner makes living in Spain so much easier and attractive.

Go to Spain with Globexs

So I do admit that I am a lucky bastard. Moving to Spain was the best thing I ever did in my life, and now I am happy to help other expats that are considering moving to Valencia. I am happy to share my experiences and to bring them in touch with Tiscar and her Globexs team. They can help future Valencia expats with short-term rental accommodation, property investments and legal assistance.

My last advice: If you go to Spain, go with Globexs!

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