Remote working and corporate relocations

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At Globexs we know that corporate travel and corporate relocation can be one of the biggest expenses and also a human resources challenge. With a long history of expertise in making sure that what you need for your corporate relocation is taken care of and that your staff is able to hit the ground running, increasing their productivity and the pleasure of their work.

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Certainly, the large majority of business travel projects are built around savings, streamlining, efficiencies, offset against a duty of care from a corporate perspective. The primary stakeholders for a travel program are traditionally finance, procurement or office services related.

A human resources department attuned to the need for efficiency from the company’s staff will be highly aware of where productivity can be achieved. Are business travellers allowed “leisure” travel, that is combining leisure with business travel? Are business travellers allowed to take the family along when travel cuts into personal time? Are travellers asked to share accommodation? Is that something that travellers across generations are reluctant to do?

All of these questions factor into the project management and can create many costs both directly and indirectly further down the line. We have seen this before, we have experienced it, and we are sure that you have too.


Corporate relocation is one of the most difficult challenges in any business to cost due to the inherent complications that cannot be planned for. Whatever cost you put on a project, it will always be more. We at Globexs approach our projects with the experience we have gained across industries. We make our proposals based on the length of stay, the number of people and number of flats. There are other considerations to take into account such as proximities, but these are the main ones. Giving you a final proposal means that it would be lower cost from your side, so rather than having escalating costs due to unforeseen expenditure, you can rest assured that the price from the start of the project would remain the same.

The man hours that could involve to quickly arrange outside office hours due to some emergency can quickly be added to overall travel costs which will make a direct impact on the bottom line. 


That a local provider is on hand to provide details, local knowledge and put you in touch with other services that may be necessary during a corporate relocation, means that your staff will be able to perform their jobs more efficiently. Any unforeseen circumstances that may arise such as dietary restrictions or transport services can be taken care of on location. Incorporate relocation and with the office working hours most likely being out of synch, means everything can be taken care of quickly and with more chances of success. Avoiding the to and for of the project manager in the office trying to provide quick help to stranded staff is just one of the problems that our corporate relocation services will help to iron out.


We know the stresses that can be involved in developing projects, preparing the finance, securing the sign-off and implementation, corporate relocation in general. To bind the pressures involved in the day to day issues of corporate relocation means adding a lot of work to an already complicated project. We can provide you with project management on location to give you what you need so your staff arrives at the right place. If you have meetings booked you only need to name the time and the place and we will arrange to have your staff picked up and dropped off. In the downtime, we can organise restaurants and bars to make sure that your staff are well-fed and satisfied, and motivated to get the work done.


Overall it is careful planning and good project management that make the biggest impact upon savings and expenditure in corporate relocation: Our business strategy is to take care of the details in your business strategy. We know what means to make the efficiencies you need in savings on business travel. We want your staff to have the chance to focus on the core activities of your business, giving you the best chance to hit your goals. We are professional in our approaches and we have experience with some world leading brands in corporate relocation. We are committed to providing you with the best customer services possible to make sure your staff is able to do what they do best.

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